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Community Check-Up Center
38C Hall Manor
Harrisburg, PA 17104
Phone: 717-233-1700
Fax: 717-236-8752
Office Manager, Linda Hengst
Email: Providing Compassionate and Caring Medical Service to the Families of South Harrisburg
Who Are We?

The Community Check-Up Center was founded in 1994 by a group of Head Start mothers who were distressed that quality health care was inaccessible to those without transportation.


The Community Check-Up Center provides quality healthcare to uninsured and underinsured individuals within the South Harrisburg area.  No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.  The center is within walking distance to over 2,500 public housing residents and more than 3,500 Medicaid-eligible children who live within this area.  The Center's goal is to provide healthcare and information to the residents about the programs available to assist them to improve their lives and to ensure that every child has adequate health insurance.

The Women's Center enhances our effectiveness, by providing high quality service for our GYN patients.  It provides STD / HIV testing for men and women and one on one counseling prevention services.

Our center helps the community by providing materials with correct information about health and life issues.

How are we funded?

Ninety percent of our patient population are Medicaid recipients, but reimbursement from the government does not fully fund our programs.  New HMO capitations have limited reimbursement for patient services.

Generous support from the Harrisburg Housing Authority, which provides rent-free space and utilities, as well as contributions from churches, service organizations, businesses, charitable foundations and individuals are critical to the survival of the organization. Contributions are fully tax deductible.

Why is it needed?

Low-income families face special challenges:

  • Lack of transportation

  • Reluctance or refusal of many doctors to accept Medical Assistance

  • Uninsured children and women (who may be unable to see a physician due to non-legal status)

  • Language barriers; English is a second language

The Community Check-Up Center provides dignified professional care to the population it serves.  We believe that our patients deserve the best care possible.  When families receive preventive care and treatment for illness, this minimizes the risk for more costly emergency room and medical services.  High quality care and lower costs benefit everyone.


Community Check-Up Center
of South Harrisburg
Mission Statement

The Community Check-Up Center is a community based, non-profit organization working in partnership with the community to improve the health and wellness of low income children and families through high quality compassionate care.

Healthy Children ensure a Healthy Future.

What Some Parents Say
About the
Community Check-Up Center

  • Excellent doctors!

  • I believe it is a good opportunity that we residents have here.

  • There is an excellent bi-lingual staff in the Community Check-Up Center

  • What I like about the Children's Check-Up Center is that when I need help there is no hassle.

The Community Check-Up Center is located at 38C Hall Manor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104 and can be reached via Phone at 717-233-1700, or fax at 717-236-8752. 

What Other Services do we provide?

The Community Check-Up Center recognizes that health care is only one of the many needs of the population we serve.  Literacy, the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, and enhancing self-esteem all contribute to the over-all well being of our patients.  This in turn can result in a greater likelihood of success in school, the work place and society in general.  To help meet those needs, the Center has developed programs which are run by both professional caring staff members and qualified volunteers:

Born to Read - Helps our newborn patients get an early start with their love of reading.  The books are provided by the Dauphin County Library and its sponsors.

Story Hour - This program exposes young children to books and reading.  Volunteers read age-appropriate books to the children and provide related, focused activities centered around reading.  A young child who loves to read may have a more positive experience in school and, as an adult, will be a more productive member of society.

Healthy Image - Is geared to pre-teens and teens.  This program offers drug and alcohol awareness and prevention activities.

Food Bank/Food Distribution – Provides healthful food to families to help meet their needs. Neighborhood elderly are volunteers as well as recipients.

General Help – Clothing, bedding, calendars, books, and other donated goods are also available to families who come to CCC.


Ways to support our Center:

Contribute funds - Serve on committees - Assist with fundraising activities - Volunteer to help facilitate Healthy Image / Story Hour Programs...



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